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NIGHT Satin Washable Flat Sheet

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This NIGHT™ Satin Washable is a best-in-class experience. It's vegan, durable & has a friction free/non-absorbent surface for endless beauty benefits including anti bed head, anti-breakouts, anti-sleep lines. Our signature NIGHT™ satin material is lightweight & is 50%+ more durable than other popular satin sheets - helping you shine morning after morning. Pair with or without the NIGHT™ Satin Washable Fitted Sheet & any of our beauty pillowcases.

* Keeps skin moisturized.
* Hypoallergenic and keeps the body cool.

* By repelling pollutants that typically collect on your sleep surface, the satin sheets will help to keep breakouts to a minimum.
* The unique satin formula maintains optimal moisture of your skin to prevent wrinkle formation.

* Our satin flat sheet is a lightweight satin designed for optimal airflow, leaving you sweat-free all night long.

* Q: (96”x102”).
* K: (102”x112”).

* Machine wash. Tumble dry. Warm iron if needed.
* Do Not Bleach.
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