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FAQ about Sobel Westex Home Hotel Linens 

Sobel at Home logo over a hotel bed made up with Sobel Westex pillows and bedding

We hope you enjoy your buying experience with Sobel At Home as you shop for quality hotel linens online. Here are some of the most common questions people ask about our products and services. If you don’t see the answer you need here, please contact our customer service center for assistance.


Am I able to order hotel linens directly online?

Yes, our website is designed to make our hotel quality pillows, bed sets, towels and other items available to individual consumers like yourself.

Do you ever offer product discounts and sales?

We run sales often. We have an email list that we send out with our promotions. If you would like to be added to our email list please email

What is your return policy?

You can find information about returns on our return policies page. Please know that we stand behind our product 100% and will always work with our customers to make sure they are satisfied. Please contact us with questions or concerns about your specific transaction at

Do you have retail locations?

Thank you for your interest in our products! Unfortunately, at this time, our pillows are not located in any stores. However, please contact us if we can assist you with any information about our products that would help you make your purchase.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not currently ship internationally, if you have any questions please contact us at

What does Sanforized mean?

When a textile is Sanforized it simply means it is pre-shrunk, so that it will shrink less when washed.

What are Terry and Velour?

Velour is French for Velvet. It is a cloth typically made from very thick materials such as cotton or polyester. Terrycloth, often used for towels and bathrobes, is composed of many minuscule loops capable of absorbing moisture well. It becomes stronger when wet and resists a lot of stress such as tugging. While typically designed with cotton, it is also commonly designed with bamboo or microfiber.

What is Jacquard?

Created by Joseph Jacquard, the jacquard refers to the automated process of patterning textiles and cloth, based on a loom attachment that was first introduced in 1801. It is often used to refer to fabrics with very intricate patterns such as brocade and matelasse.

What is Denier Poly Fiber?

Denier is a term used to measure the body and thickness of materials like textiles and other fabric-woven products. A poly-fiber would mean a fabric that consists only of polyester.

What is Gel-Fiber?

Gel-Fiber is an interchangeable term with Micro-Fiber and references the size of the fiber used in the pillow. The pillows are filled with 100% polyester.

What does Viscose mean?

Once called ‘viscose rayon’, viscose is a material very similar in molecular structure to cotton but is made from several kinds of plants, including bamboo, sugarcane, and soy. It is a versatile material that can mimic the feel of natural fibers like cotton, wool, linen or silk.

What is Ticking?

Ticking is a form of tightly woven textile that prevents down feathers from protruding through furniture and linen. Once used only for practical purposes, and usually striped, the textile’s use has been broadened and is now more commonly used for style rather than practicality.

What is PETP?

Polyethelyne Terephthalatate (now more commonly abbreviated PET or PETE) is a resin that is used with synthetic fibers in clothing and plastic products for its moisture and water resistance properties.

What does Silpure mean?

Silpure is a patented anti-bacterial treatment used on a variety of fabrics such as furniture coverings, clothing, and is utilized in medical environments. It is made by breaking down silver into microscopic particles that attach to the textile providing long-term protection from microbial growth while also avoiding discoloration of the fabric.

What does Ring-Spun Cotton mean?

The term simply means that the fiber that makes up the fabric is sent through a process where it is spun before it is knitted or fabricated into the final product. Spinning the fibers creates a fabric that is generally more durable and softer, making it ideal for many clothing and linen fabrics.

If I’m a back sleeper what is recommended? Side sleeper?

Back sleepers don’t need as much support so usually a softer pillow, like our Sahara Night pillow, that doesn’t have as much fill is best. Side sleepers need more support for the neck and head so our Sobella or Dolce Notte will work best for them.

What is the distinction between a soft, medium, and firm pillow?

Our pillows all have different feelings however the soft would be considered our Bellazure Duo, Sahara Night, and Dolce Vita Eco. Medium would be our Sobella and Dolce Notte II. Firm pillow would be our Dolce Notte.

What are the pillows filled with?

The pillows are filled with 100% polyester fibers.

Can you wash the pillows?

Our pillows are washable. Please see the label on your pillow for either washing instructions or the international washing symbols. If you need additional information regarding the international washing symbols please contact us at

How do I care for my linen or terry product?

Symbols are used rather than a language for international laundry use. Please see the product tag for care symbols. We can assist you with clarification as to the definition of your specific symbols. Please contact us and we can send those to you!

What is the difference between Sahara Night and Sobella?

Sahara Night is a softer pillow that can be comparable to feeling like a down pillow however it is not. The Sobella has more fill and is considered a plush pillow more along the medium side.

How do I know the measurements for certain items?

A hint, most of our items SKU# have the measurements in it. Example our Sahara Night standard pillow SKU# PWSHN2026 so the measurements are 20”x26”. The only items that don’t have the measurements in the SKU# are  going to be the items that come in sets.

How do I identify which pillow it was I saw/slept on at hotel?

All of our pillows are identified by their individual names. The pillow’s tag will have the name of the pillow. This is found on the small tag on the opposite side of our Sobel Westex logo and Federal RN#71273.

What pillow should I choose?

Pillows are very subjective, and each person’s sleep experience is different. Frequently, side sleepers tend toward a fuller, softer pillow, while smaller, flatter pillows are more regularly enjoyed by back sleepers or stomach sleepers.

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