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Luxury Star Wars™ Bedding Sets for Discerning Adult Fans

Luxury Star Wars™ Bedding Sets for Discerning Adult Fans

Transform your bedroom with this expansive view of the R2-D2 luxury bedding set in its full glory.

Front and center: Our Astromech bedding set, a stellar representation of the Star Wars™ Home bed sets collection.

Discover our Luxury Star Wars™ Bedding Sets, tailored for adult fans seeking sophistication and fandom fusion. From Tatooine’s™ serene desert tones to Jedi™ tranquility and R2-D2™ boldness, each collection transforms bedrooms into themed havens. Embrace the Dark Side with a dramatic Darth Vader-inspired set for an elegant Star Wars™ home décor experience. Read on to learn more about this exciting collection.

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How has the Star Wars™ universe influenced your personal space or home decor? Share your favorite Star Wars™ themed bedroom ideas or experiences in the comments below!

The beloved Star Wars™ franchise has over a hundred million fans in America. Fans of all ages watch the many Star Wars™ movies, have favorite Star Wars™ characters and cultures, buy and trade collectibles, and discuss the themes and legends online and at conventions. The original movie debuted in 1977, making this iconic franchise nearly 50 years old. Its timeless themes and great storytelling engage fans of all ages. While much of the Star Wars™ merchandise is geared towards children, many adults equally adore the franchise and would cherish having a touch of the Star Wars™ universe around them for inspiration and delight.

It is for these dedicated adult Star Wars™ fans that we designed our new Star Wars™ themed bedding for adults. The luxury hotel-quality collection has captured the imagination of many fans who have found their favorite themes artfully expressed in one of our bedding sets or accessories. Each is enhanced with subtle design details that reflect key elements, places, or characters from the movies that true fans will recognize and enjoy. There is surely a grown-up Star Wars™ fan in your family who will love to have one of these lovingly crafted bedding sets.

Star Wars™ Inspired Adult Bedding for the Star Wars™ Fan in your Family

photo of Tattooine themed luxury bedding set

Fans of all ages know the legends and heroes of the Star Wars™ universe. Diverse planets and cultures provide the backdrop for the stories told in the movies, populated by the films’ now-famous heroes and villains. To honor some of these, our design team worked with experts to recreate the ambiance and symbols of key Star Wars™ cultures and characters in stunningly beautiful and restful adult Star Wars™ bedding that will please fans and beautify any bedroom. Here are four familiar Star Wars™ themes reflected in our lovingly crafted elegant bedroom decor and adult bed sets, sure to make even the most grown-up Star Wars™ fan feel like a kid again.

Bask in the Dual Suns of Desert World Tatooine™

A visual masterpiece: our luxury bedding set inspired by a galaxy far, far away, comes to life in this captivating Tatooine™ concept board.

Refuge for Jedi™ master Obi-Wan Kenobi and childhood home of his disciple, Luke Skywalker, Tatooine™ was a troubled world, scorching and dry under the heat of dual suns, where water was at a premium, and local people scratched out a living farming moisture from the atmosphere. Tatooine™ was the stage for many of Star Wars™ most pivotal events.

The drama, struggle, and stark beauty of this desert world are fondly reflected in the serene bedding designs of the sweeping pink and beige shades on our Tatooine™ Collection. This adult Star Wars™ luxury bedding gently recreates the terra cotta and dusty beige of the sandy Tatooine™ landscape in a soft 100% cotton high-quality comforter that is complemented with two decorative pillows. One pillow depicts a landscape featuring one of Tatooine™ moons in printed, broad strokes. The other pillow has a soft, satin-flocked beige pattern resembling the planet’s sandy terrain. The set also includes two matching pink and beige patterned standard pillow shams and two euro shams.


The Star Wars™ Tatooine™ adult bedding set will beautify any bedroom with its soft tones and elegant style. For serious fans or casual ones, it’s a great look that will transform any bedroom into a restful haven.

Contemplate our Jedi™ Bedding Collection

"Immerse yourself in the serene design and sophistication of our Jedi™ bedding set, as depicted in this exquisite concept board.

Jedi™ knights practice a life of calm and selfless devotion as guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Experience the light side and achieve your own inner peace with our special Jedi™ Collection, designed to evoke a tranquil bedroom experience. Our carefully curated and crafted Jedi™ themed bedding for adults subtly reflects Jedi™ culture, from the kimono-style euro pillow sham to the decorative pillows, one with belted leather and the other displaying subtle “hidden in plain sight” Aurebesh symbols.

Elevate your bedroom aesthetic with the sophisticated charm of Jedi™ pillows

The comforter set, in Jedi™ fashion banded linen, reflects natural tones and simplicity. Tan and stone shades radiate Jedi™ tranquility and calm, a perfect combination for transforming any bedroom into a meditative retreat where any Jedi™ can achieve restorative rest and sleep after a long day in battle.

Give in to the Bright, Brave, and Bold Colors of R2-D2™

Dive into the creative process behind our R2-D2-inspired luxury bedding with this concept art board.

Celebrate the loyalty, bravery, and ingenuity of the Astromech droid R2-D2™ with our Astromech Collection, part of our Star Wars™Adult Bedding Sets. The comforter, reminiscent of R2-D2’s original 1977 mechanical blue casing, is crafted in 100% cotton jacquard weave, providing a brushed metal look with a soft and cozy feel. Decorative pillows featuring geometric patterns and textured cotton chenille add a playful touch, transforming the bedroom into a bright drone playroom with our fun but restful blue, geometrically-inspired Astromech Collection.

Transform your bedroom with this expansive view of the R2-D2 luxury bedding set in its full glory.

The comforter bears a design reminiscent of the little drone’s original 1977 mechanical blue casing. In 100% cotton jacquard weave, its look is brushed metal, but its feel is soft and cozy for cold winter nights. The comforter back, as well as the back of the pillow shams, is cool percale, giving this adult Star Wars™ Bedding a crisp, neat appearance.

Give in to the Dark Side Collection for your Chosen One

Immerse yourself in the dramatic beauty of our Dark Side bedding concept, where luxury meets the shadows.

Darth Vader, the mysterious and tragic figure woven throughout the Star Wars™ saga, is a contrast of light and dark, good and bad. Hidden under his helmet and robes, this figure is at once frightening and exciting. What better way for your chosen Star Wars™ fan to honor the legacy of the Sith Lord and his Deathstar battle station than with an adult bedding set from the Dark Side Collection?

Elevate your sleep sanctuary with our high-quality Dark Side pillows – the epitome of elegant bedroom decor.

Honor the legacy of the mysterious and tragic figure, Darth Vader, with our Dark Side Collection, a striking addition to our Luxury Star Wars™ Bedding Sets. The comforter, in dramatic blacks and grays, features a repetitive pattern inspired by the Death Star corridor design. Leather glove-patterned lumbar pillows and a decorative pillow patterned after the imposing facial helmet of the Sith Lord complement this darkly elegant and masculine bedding set.

What better way for your chosen Star Wars™ fan to honor the legacy of the Sith Lord and his Deathstar battle station than with a luxury bedding set from the Dark Side Collection?

Enhance this darkly elegant and masculine bedding set with a dark Shadow Galaxy Throw, or add a flash of the light side with a white-hued Light Galaxy Throw.

Explore the Entire Luxury Star Wars™ Collection at Sobel at Home

Wrap yourself in the warmth of Tatooine with our themed towels, bringing a touch of the galaxy to your daily routine.

Designed for those who appreciate sophisticated style and design, our Luxury Star Wars™ Collection offers a perfect choice for grown-up Star Wars™ fans. Choose from our four unique themed bed sets, add matching sheets and throws, or gift cozy comfort with our high-quality Star Wars™ Antithesis bed pillow or Jedi™ Aurebesh alphabet-embossed bath towel set. Themed decorator pillow sets are also available to enhance sofas, loveseats, and armchairs, creating the perfect setting to enjoy your favorite Star Wars™ movies. Explore our entire Star Wars™ Bedding Collection and find the ideal themed bedding set for the Star Wars™ fan in your family.

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