Inspired by the optimistic future and bold innovative architecture of the Contemporary Resort’s breathtaking atrium, our 7pc Metropolitan Collection is a modern study of light and linear elements. The face of the comforter and shams is a soft 300 thread count 100% cotton yarn dyed jacquard. Monochromatic white triangles mirror the lines of the sleek atrium windows.  This pattern repeats itself on the reverse in light shades of gray echoing the shadows seen as the sun shines through its many windows. On the euros we feel the warm glow of yellow, white and gray behind windowpanes. The 16” x 16” dec pillow features a light gray texture celebrating the concrete of the Resorts stunning A-frame interior and exterior, boldly defined by daffodil piping. The second 12” x 18” dec pillow radiates in the same warm shade spotlighting the windowpane pattern with a clean subtle banding.