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Hotel Dolce Vita Eco-Friendly Pillow

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Sleep in luxurious eco-comfort on a planet-friendly luxury pillow. Packed with 100% recycled PETP fiber fill made from recycled plastic bottles, this fine and plush premium bed pillow is favored by back and stomach sleepers. Covered with 100% cotton, 233 thread count ticking, this pillow is not only sustainable and durable, it is also soft and inviting to the touch. An anti-microbial silpure finish assures your pillow stays fresh and clean. Dream green and help the planet as you enjoy this luxury eco-resort quality pillow.



  • 100% recycled PETP hollow siliconized fiber fill made from recycled bottles
  • Protected by Silpure silver antimicrobial finish
  • 233 thread count and 100% cotton ticking for quality, durability and softness
  • Eco friendly, sustainable - a smart choice for environmentally responsible sleepers



This is Sobel Westex’s recommended washing and drying parameters and should be confirmed and finalized by the chemical company used, and if necessary, the equipment manufacturers.

Washing pillows frequently is not recommended; wash if needed or on limited occasions.

  1. Wash in warm water with mild detergent.
  2. Do not use alkali, bleach, or softeners.
  3. Do not exceed 120F when drying.
  4. Tennis balls are recommended for drying cycles (helps to regain pillow shape).
  • Pillows, regardless of the fiber, will lose their shape after multiple washes.
  • Pillow protectors are recommended for lifespan extension as these can be laundered instead.
  • Wash and dry utilizing recommended optimal load capacities.
  • Use spot remover for small stains. (Follow instruction of chemical company)
  • Wash & dry separately from other textiles.
  • Check for burns inside the washing machine and dryer periodically & smooth out the roughness inside before putting in any items.
  • Chemical levels and quality of water should also be considered.
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