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Who We Are

Bringing Home Quality Hotel Linens and Bedding

Nothing is sweeter than relaxing in luxury in your own home. This inspiration is why Sobel Westex, with our rich history serving the hospitality industry since 1981, now offers our exquisite luxury hotel bedding and linens collections for everyone through our convenient online retail store, Sobel at Home. The comfort and quality of our luxury hotel linens, along with our excellent customer service reputation, are now available to everyone who has ever enjoyed a great night’s sleep in a luxury hotel or to those who just wants to have a good night’s sleep with a “getaway” experience every day in their own home. Easy, convenient and luxuriously indulgent, order your Sobel Westex pillows, towels, robes and bedding right from the comfort of your home, or even from your hotel room. You really can take your favorite hotel linens home with you – and discover new ones to love as well.

Luxury Linens through State of the Art Manufacturing

Sobel at Home customers enjoy the highest quality pillows, linens and other bedding products created for our luxury hotel chain clients. Using the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, our mills produce woven fabrics that are strong and beautifully soft, yet highly durable and easy to care for. Our linens won’t shrink or warp in the wash, holding their shape and beauty over time to always provide you with a quality experience.

Certified Ethical, Sustainable and Safe Manufacturing

Sobel Westex is concerned about the environment and how we use and conserve natural resources for the future. We care that every step in our sourcing and production process is completed in an ethical, sustainable and safe manner. Here are some of the sustainability and safety standards that we uphold in our manufacturing process:

  • BSCI Certified: Ensures ethical working conditions in our company-owned manufacturing facility.
  • SA-800 Certified: Ensures sustainable guidelines for purchasing of manufacturing supplies.
  • OEKO-TEX Certified: Ensures all textile products are deemed safe of harmful substances.
  • Sobel Westex is committed to sustainability. Read our Commitment to Sustainability.

Our Worldwide Distribution Network at your Fingertips

Sobel Westex hospitality operations span the globe, delivering a range of beautiful linens used by luxury hotels around the world. Sobel Westex distributes linens to our hospitality clients worldwide through a network of distribution centers. We are pleased to share some of these top quality and beautiful designs with retail consumers through Sobel at Home. Our customers often know our products from their stays in the world’s top quality hotels and resorts. Now you can take the linens, pillows, bedding and bathrobes home with you to beautify your home and bring quality, comfort and style to daily living.

Dedication to Customer Service

Our team of professional customer service staff is here to provide you with a smooth and exceptional buying experience. With many years of service and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we apply the same high standards to the Sobel at Home customer experience that we offer to our hospitality industry clients.

Of course, our Quality Assurance Department starts at our manufacturing plants, so only the best products come to you onsite at Sobel at Home. The products we sell to consumers are the same high-quality linens and bedding products we sell to top luxury hotel chains around the world. They are put through the same rigorous quality testing process to assure your complete satisfaction.

Our Customer Service staff members are available to answer any questions you may have on the wide range of products found on our website. We are also here to resolve any problems you may encounter. We stand behind all of our high quality products with our 30 day return policy, no questions asked.

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