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Eco Friendly Bedding and a Commitment to Sustainability

We believe that ecologically-friendly bedding is also human-friendly bedding.

Sobel Westex puts great emphasis on being highly responsible partners when it comes to our planet, its resources, and the communities in which we thrive. We believe that not only is it incumbent on us to conduct our business with a sharp eye on our neighbors and planet today, but we must conduct ourselves with an eye on preserving our natural resources for future generations.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing and Distribution

Our commitment to sustainability includes not only our manufacturing facilities which obtain BSCI (whose goals are to assure free trade and sustainable trade) certification, but also our products that are safe from harmful substances (including OEKO-TEX certification, rPET recycled fibers, and regenerated cotton), and our environmentally conscious distribution facilities and offices (solar power, shipping cartons with recycled material, and office carpool programs).

Sobel Cares

We are also proud of our company’s Sobel Cares project, in which we reach out to the community by donating employees’ time and talent to various charities.

Why do we do this? It’s the right thing to do and helps to ensure that we can enjoy a healthier life going forward. It also solidifies our relationships with our neighbors, especially the ones with the most need.

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