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Scenic aerial landscape of Lisbon rooftops, highlighting historic architecture and distant cathedral.

Explore New Destination-Themed Luxury Bedding Collections

Discover luxury bedding collections inspired by iconic travel destinations, crafted by Sobel Westex. From the timeless beauty of Santorini to the romantic allure of Mumbai and the vibrant energy of Lisbon, each collection captures the essence of these locales, offering high-end comfort and elegance for your home.

Charming Santorini streetscape with white-washed walls and blooming flora.

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With decades of experience creating and delivering the best luxury linens for hotels and resorts worldwide, we have long wanted to share some of the beauty and charm of our favorite travel destinations with our customers back home. Our Hotel Quality Bedding Collection offers the same luxurious experience enjoyed by guests in top-rated hotels around the globe. Of course, the best way for us to share these travel experiences with you is by offering a selection of exquisitely designed and curated high-end bedding collections that reflect the cultures, designs, colors, and charm of some of the world’s most beloved travel destinations.

Introducing Sobel Westex's Latest Travel and Leisure Designer Bedding Collection

We are excited to introduce our brand new destination-themed luxury bedding collection and share a bit about the beautiful locales they represent as you consider adding a touch of international style to your bedroom decor. We have chosen four of the world’s top travel destinations as inspiration for this unique and compelling luxury bedding collection that reflects the culture, beauty, and spirit of the beautiful locales. From timeless designs to modern motifs, our beautiful bedding sets are meticulously crafted to add a touch of sophistication to your sleep space. Meet our first four carefully curated Travel and Leisure premium bedding lines below.

Evoke the Timeless Beauty of Santorini with Our Coastal Bedding Collection

Santorini's iconic white buildings and blue domes overlooking the Mediterranean.

The island of Santorini, Greece, is one of the most iconic and beautiful travel destinations globally. Its famous whitewashed homes and blue-domed churches reflect the bright hues of this Mediterranean gem. This volcanic island was devastated in the 16th century, with the effects still reflected in the landscape today, as homes cling to cliff sides and beaches shine with time-worn lava pebbles in white, red, and black.

Our Beautiful Santorini Bedding Collection captures the radiant essence of this Greek island. With its classical Greek “key” design, reminiscent of the meandering path of the Meander River, our collection embodies centuries-old symmetrical patterns that mimic the twisting path of the Meander River (now known as the Menderes) that flows through Greece and Turkey.


Luxurious Santorini-themed bedding set with elegant design

The elegant Santorini duvet luxury comforter set includes a duvet cover of 100% cotton embroidery with a hidden zipper and four corner ties. The duvet insert is a smooth T200 percale with 400 GSM down alternative filling for a soft and warm feel. It features box quilting and a binding edge hem that helps the insert keep its shape and look over time. The set also includes two knife-edge hem pillow shams and two euro shams, as well as two decorative pillows (square 16x16 inches and rectangular 12x18) featuring sturdy 100% cotton duck embroidery and 500 GSM down alternative filling. Greek lines throughout the set’s pieces give this luxury set a rich, yet understated, timeless look that will fit any decor.

To finish your tranquil new Greek island bedroom retreat, add a rich blue and white Santorini Collection throw in 100% cotton that evokes the deep blue of the Santorini sea and sky.

This set, and each Travel and Leisure bedding set, comes with its own felt tote for storage, with reinforced corner seams and cotton duck embroidery logo.

Experience Mumbai's Romance: Discover Our Exquisite Bedding Sets

Scenic Mumbai Bay sunset with silhouetted minarets.

“City of Dreams,” Mumbai is one of India’s most enchanting and exciting cities. A busy, vibrant international global center of finance and trade, Mumbai is also the home of Bollywood musical cinema. Like the films, ancient and densely populated Mumbai moves and sways to the rhythms and sounds of bustling daily life. From 1st-century cave art through centuries of Indo-Islamic and British Colonial architecture, Mumbai is a vast, rich, and eclectic city. It bursts with many other pleasures for tourists to enjoy, from fragrant and colorful local markets to the nearby beaches of the Arabian Sea.

Immerse yourself in Mumbai’s vibrant heritage with our Mumbai Luxury Bedding Collection. Infused with the city’s tradition of intricate embroidery, our eight-piece Mumbai Duvet Bedding Collection pays homage to centuries of Mumbai's artistry and culture.

The Mumbai set includes a metallic panel print duvet cover of T180 Percale 100% cotton slub, for a textured, traditional look and feel. The luxuriously warm and cozy duvet insert features 400 GSM down alternative filling. Textured cotton slub pillow shams and Euro shams display intricate metallic print patterns for an overall clean and traditional look.

Adding a creative touch of beauty to the Mumbai luxury set are two beautiful decorative pillows. The rectangular 12x18-inch decorative pillow features elegant traditional gold embroidery. With a splash of gold and rose, the 16x16-inch decorative pillow is a delightful depiction of wildlife in a traditional style and pose found in the art and architecture of the region. Both decorative pillows are 100% cotton slub with a knife edge and hidden zippers for easy care. Finish off your South Asian mood with a stunning colorful, artistically fringed Mumbai Collection cotton/chenille throw.

Illuminate Your Bedroom with The Bright Light of Lisbon: Explore Our Luxury Duvet Bedding Collection

Scenic aerial landscape of Lisbon rooftops, highlighting historic architecture and distant cathedral.

For centuries, Lisbon, the political capital of Portugal, has been a global center of commerce, global influence, culture, and stunning architecture. Its long history, going back to the time of the Greek and Phoenician empires as a dominant maritime power brought wealth and a rich cultural heritage to this bustling metropolis. Its hillside vistas and beautiful harbor make Lisbon a favorite tourist destination in Europe. From its street fish vendors and colorful produce markets to its charming terraced neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and landmarks, Lisbon offers many attractions and charms. Visitors cannot help but feel the romance and lively spirit of this uniquely enchanting city.

View of Lisbon-inspired bed set from an angle, highlighting its luxurious design.

Our stunning new Lisbon Collection lets you bring the vibrant energy of Lisbon into your home. Our Lisbon 8 Piece Duvet Bedding Collection incorporates Lisbon’s bright sunshine and ocean vibes, filling your space with the joyful energy of life in the sun-kissed seaside metropolis.

The set’s foundation is a sumptuous, diamond-design, jacquard duvet cover. The duvet insert features cozy down alternative filling and box quilting. Two pillow shams continue the textured jacquard design. Euro shams create a bright offset, standing out with a sunny golden, modern abstract design. Decorative pillows add a bit of local flare, including a 12 x 18-inch bright brushed cotton duck embroidery with corner tassels, and a 16 x 16 embroidered colorful and charming bird print design. Last, but not to be forgotten, add a sea blue, tasseled, artisanal design cotton throw to your Lisbon accented luxury bedding to finish the look.

Explore our Entire Travel and Leisure Bedding Collection

Explore our entire new and growing Travel and Leisure Collection that includes not only our destination collections but also specialty items like soft, eco-friendly bamboo sheets, luxurious Turkish cotton towel sets, and resort collection fleece blankets in beautiful hues that evoke sun, sand, and sky. Discover the perfect fit for your queen-sized or king-sized bed with our luxurious Bedding Sets Queen and Luxury King Comforter Sets. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and crafted from the finest materials, our sets offer both comfort and elegance, ensuring a restful and regal sleep experience. Travel the world right at home with Sobel Westex and Sobel at Home.

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