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Holiday Elegance: Luxury Bedding and Tips for Festive Decor

Holiday Elegance: Luxury Bedding and Tips for Festive Decor

Image of a happy father and daughter decorating on Christmas.

Holiday decorating offers a mood boost through nostalgia, refocusing, achievement, therapeutic effects, anticipation, and connection, creating a joyful and memorable experience. What we cover:

What's your go-to holiday decorating tradition? Let us know in the comments!

Lift Your Spirits with Festive Holiday Decorating

The holidays are fast approaching. Many people look forward to this time of year, which is an opportunity to get together with family and friends, celebrate traditions, and generally get a break from our day-to-day cares and routines. One tradition nearly all of us participate in to some degree is holiday decorating. It turns out that decorating your home for the holidays is good for you. It can even give you a mental health boost. Here are some of the ways holiday decorating can make you feel better.

Why Holiday Decorating Makes Us Happy

A photo of a well decorated AI rendition of a cozy Christmas home with festive furniture.

Ready to get that holiday feeling started? Pull out those lights, displays, and tree ornaments and start decorating for the holidays as early as you like. When you pull out items that bring up happy memories, your brain gets a bit of a dopamine rush. This happiness hormone makes you feel relaxed and gives a lift to your mood. There are many ways decorating your home with holiday cheer brings positive feelings. Here are a few.

  1. The Power of Nostalgia in Holiday Decorating: Going through familiar routines and using decorations that remind us of past happy experiences with family and friends stimulates nostalgia. Nostalgia for childhood and happy holidays gone by can generate good feelings as we recall those memories. The magic of the holidays can even make adults feel like kids again, reducing stress and increasing feelings of happiness.
  2. Refocusing Through the Holiday Decorating Experience: Taking time out to enjoy the holiday decorating experience helps us refocus away from our problems, the news, or other stresses that we may be experiencing. It’s like a mental health break from reality. And, holiday decorating gets you up and moving. If you enjoy a live Christmas tree, going on the hunt for the right tree is a fun and uplifting outing. If you have an artificial tree, setting it up gets you moving for a boost of energy. Unpacking and organizing ornaments, lights, and other decorations, and then arranging them in an appealing display, indoors and outdoors, are more ways to use activity to boost your sense of holiday well-being. Sharing these experiences with friends and loved ones is even better, so invite someone to join in.
  3. Achieving a Sense of Accomplishment in Holiday Décor: Especially if life has been a bit hectic lately, decorating your home just the way you like it can give you a sense of control and accomplishment. Don’t judge yourself on the outcome; just enjoy the process and decorate as little or much as you like. It’s a project you can enjoy once or tinker with throughout the holiday season. Just keep a sense of humor about it. When you can’t untangle those lights, just skip them and do something else, like a spotlight, or set the untangling task aside for later when you feel like tackling it.
  4. The Therapeutic Effects of Holiday Lights and Colors: The bright lights and colors of holiday décor are a sort of therapy for the brain. Light naturally brightens our mood and increases energy. Seeing holiday lights, especially during these shorter days of the fall and winter, feels cheerful and uplifting. And similarly, the colors and patterns of holiday decorations bring a feeling of happiness, too. Called chromotherapy, or color therapy, seeing bright, cheerful colors increases our energy level and sense of well-being.
  5. Anticipation: A Key Element in Holiday Decorating: Having something to look forward to always makes us feel better. Setting up and enjoying your holiday decorations is a reminder that the fun of holiday shopping, visiting with friends and family, gift giving, great meals, and other fun holiday experiences are just around the corner.
  6. Building Connections Through Festive Décor: Holidays are mostly about connecting with community, friends, and family. Just the act of decorating reminds us of past events with people we care about. And, if you can share the decorating process with others, you’ll have a good time and create new memories. However you decorate, you’ll be able to share results throughout the holiday seasons. Your hard work may bring smiles to a few faces as they enjoy your holiday decorating efforts, whether it’s inside or outside your home.

Home Redecorating with the Best Luxury Bedding and Linens

Disney Zulu Resort hotel quality bedding, linen, and pillows by Sobel Westex.

Just like holiday decorating, redecorating your home can bring a sense of renewal and improve your mood. Our tastes and styles change over time, so redecorating lets you express yourself as you are today. Any season of the year, you can brighten your home with an updated look by changing out the old and worn for something fresh and new. Whether you choose to tackle one room or go for a bigger project, redecorating is a satisfying way to make your home feel more like, well, your home. At Sobel Westex, we understand the importance of expressing your style and experiencing comfort. Refresh your space with our luxury bedding sets, including premium pillows and luxury designer bed sheets, turning your home into a haven of sophistication and comfort. As one of the world’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of high-end linens, we at Sobel Westex can say that one of the easiest ways to refresh your home and enjoy more comfort and luxury is to update your bedding. Reinvent your bed with new patterns, styles, colors, and textures, from luxury designer bed sheets and cozy pillows for better sleep to beautiful comforters and decorative throw pillows. Here are a few of our favorite offerings to brighten your home this holiday season and year-round. And, they are great choices for gift giving, too:

Star Wars™ Luxury Bedding Sets

Transform any bedroom into a peaceful oasis in a galaxy far, far away. Our beautiful Star Wars™ Collection is perfect for a Star Wars™ lover in your family, designed with familiar touches recognizable to any fan. Choose the Jedi™ Collection, with tranquil colors of tan and stone that speak to the meditative calm and peace of the Jedi™ mind. Each collection comes with a comforter, themed throw pillows, and pillow shams. Or, choose from other Star Wars™ Collections, including the subtle terracotta colors and textures of the Tatooine™ Collection, the bold tech blues and reds and stunning geometric patterns of the Astromech Collection that give tribute to fan-favorite robot, R2D2™ with its fun red-eye throw pillow. Or, choose the power look of the Dark Side Collection. Darth Vader™ lurks in its deep black and gray tones, and fascinating Death Star patterns grace the set’s throw pillows.

Image of an azure galaxy throw blanket by Sobel Westex.

You can also pick out matching or stand-alone designer bedroom accessories like beautiful and hefty chain-weave bed throws and additional Star Wars™ throw pillows, Star Wars™ towel sets, or the new extra comfortable, brushed-microfiber filled Antithesis Star Wars™ pillow. Take a look at our entire Star Wars™ Collection and prepare to transport your space to a beautiful new reality.

Disney Resorts Collection

An image of hotle bedding and linens from Disney Home Collection by Sobel Westex.

If traveling beyond the stars is not to your taste, find something closer to home. Our Disney Resorts Collection features Florida resort hotel tropical, jungle, marine, and futuristic favorite themes. The Island Palms Collection brings the soft, tranquil colors of the South Pacific to life with a raised leaf patterned comforter and colorful throw pillows, reminiscent of high-end luxury bedding sets.

A photo of Disney's contemporary home collection hotel bedding, pillows, and linen.

Other Disney Resort sets include the Garden Trellis Collection, with its clean lines in blue and white patterns reflecting its origins in a seaside resort. Or, take a look at the Metropolitan, with its urban, futuristic style in grays and whites. A popular choice is the Zulu Collection, that brings the bold and vivid colors of traditional African art to an exciting and comfortable bedding collection featuring deep reds, yellows, and gray in artistic patterns and fringed throw pillows. Visit our complete Disney Resort Collection to transform your bedroom into a true luxury resort. Decorating for the holidays should be fun and enjoyable throughout the holiday season and in the memories it builds. When you’ve finished trimming the tree, take advantage of our seasonal sales and exciting new offerings at Elevate your living space with our premium bedding sets, ensuring year-round luxury, comfort, and festive holiday bedroom décor. At Sobel Westex, we understand the importance of creating a cozy and inviting home, especially during the holiday season. That's why we offer a wide range of bedding options to suit different tastes and styles. Whether you're a Star Wars™ enthusiast or a fan of Disney Resorts, our luxury bedding sets are meticulously crafted to elevate your comfort and add a touch of magic to your living space.

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