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Photo of Sobel Westex Disney Florida Resorts hotel bedding, pillows, and linen.

Here Are Our Top 10 Houseplants: Enhance Your Sleep Sanctuary with These Bedroom Essentials

Create Your Serene Bedroom Retreat: Premium Bedding, Relaxing Décor, and Soothing Greenery

A photo of a Disney Grand Resort Florida Bedroom with Hotel Bedding and Linen.
Enhance your sleep environment with Sobel at Home's premium bed linens and hotel-quality pillows. Explore ten easy-care houseplants, including Spider Plant and Aloe Vera, to improve air quality and add a natural touch to your bedroom retreat. In this post:

Crafting a Peaceful Bedroom

Our bedrooms serve as sanctuaries, offering a haven for rest and rejuvenation before a new day begins. After upgrading your bed with top-quality bedding essentials, such as hotel quality pillows and beautiful luxury bedding from Sobel at Home, there are other elements in your bedroom that can help increase your sense of peace and calm. These include things like a comfortable temperature for sleep and soft lighting to invite relaxation.

Benefits of Live Plants in the Bedroom

One addition that adds both beauty and the soothing appeal of nature is to have a few carefully selected live plants in the bedroom. Plants can help purify the air, add oxygen, and regulate humidity. They calm you and help you sleep better. So, what are some choices for easy-care houseplants to add to your bedroom décor?


Top 10 Houseplants for a Tranquil Bedroom

Here are ten houseplants that make good additions to your bedroom retreat and that should do well with little care required.


Spider Plant

A photo of a spider plant.

 Spider plants grow well indoors, needing moderate light. The spider plant is an Air-Purifying Plant. Studies have shown it can absorb up to 90% of formaldehyde, a common indoor air pollutant. It also absorbs odors and helps reduce allergies as it absorbs particles in the air. Its delicate strands grow in a thick mass, and over time it produces long hanging stems of baby spider plants. This pretty plant is a pleasant and calming addition to a dresser or windowsill.



A photo of a philodendron plant on a cabinet alongside a chair.

The philodendron is an elegant, flowing plant with heart-shaped leaves that can grow quite large. It adds a touch of jungle to your room, providing a sense of calm and healing. Like other plants, the philodendron will absorb particles in the air to help freshen your bedroom. There are a number of varieties of philodendron to choose from. They like medium light and are easy to grow indoors. These exotic plants will look great on a bookshelf, dresser, windowsill, or side table.


Snake Plant

A photo of a snake plant in a stylish white and yellow vase on a table.

The snake plant, or sansevieria, is a great plant for beginners. It’s known as the plant that is hard to kill. It will be fine if you go on a trip and don’t water it on schedule as it survives well in dry conditions. Its large, stiff leaves look great with modern or minimalist decor. It grows well almost anywhere. The snake plant gives off oxygen all night long, helping improve your sleep and keeping the bedroom air fresher.


Aloe Vera

Image of a Aloe Vera plant in a stylish orange and white vase.

 A low-maintenance succulent with healing properties, aloe vera adds practicality to your bedroom essentials, requiring minimal water. It is also a medicinal plant as its leaves contain a lotion-like material that can be applied to minor wounds, insect bites, and burns to help healing. It absorbs common indoor toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the air. As a desert plant, the aloe vera should be placed where it can get bright sunlight. This attractive little plant is known as a harmonious plant if you follow feng shui design principles, bringing health and prosperity.



A photo of a Calathea Orbifolia

 Calathea’s large, bold striped leaves of different colors are a nice decorator touch to add to your bedroom. They come in a number of varieties to please any taste. This tropical plant is sometimes called the prayer plant as it pulls up its leaves at night and unfolds them again in the morning. A relatively warm environment, indirect light, and filtered or spring water will keep this plant happy and growing into a spreading, beautiful addition to your essential bedroom decor.


Rubber Plant

Image of a hardy Rubber Plant decorating a home.

 The hardy rubber plant is easy to grow and a beautiful point of interest in whatever room it occupies. Its dark, large, leathery leaves shine and spread in a pretty display of jungle greenery. Rubber plants can grow quite tall, up to 10 feet. Pruning is the best way to shape them and keep them the size that best fits your space. This tropical plant does best in bright morning light in an east-facing window and likes relatively warm temperatures (60s-70s). In addition to producing oxygen, rubber plants help eliminate toxins, including mold spores and bacteria, from the air.


Peace Lily

Floral composition of spathiphyllum peace lilies flower

A visually pleasing and easy-to-grow plant, the peace lily complements your bedroom essentials while promoting a serene environment. This is a flowering plant that, when given sufficient indirect light, produces delicately folded white flowers. This plant loves humidity, so misting it a couple of times a week, or even placing it in the master bath, will help your peace lily stay beautiful. In addition to its ability to calm and relax you as you prepare for sleep, the peace lily helps clear toxic gases from the air, like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. The peace lily likes to have its soil dry out. It will tell you when it’s thirsty by drooping its leaves a little (don’t wait till they completely collapse, that will stress the plant). Expect to see those pretty flowers in the spring, and sometime again in the fall.


Money Tree

A photo of a Money Tree decorating a home.

 The money tree is a popular bedroom plant choice in Feng Shui design as it is believed to create positive “chi” or energy, bringing prosperity and good luck, aligning with your choice of essential bedroom décor. The stem is usually braided, symbolizing interconnectedness and long life. This is another easy-to-grow plant, and one that can be managed like a bonsai in the size and shape you prefer. They need bright or medium light a few hours a day. Occasional misting will help it get the humidity it needs.


English Ivy

A photo of an English Ivy climbing a wall.

Controlled indoors, English ivy drapes elegantly with variegated, heart-shaped leaves, adding a touch of natural charm to your essential bedroom environment. It grows like a vine, so can be draped over a shelf or windowsill for a wild but pretty look. Put your ivy plant in a spot where it can get medium to bright light and don’t overwater. This plant from northern Europe is happiest in cooler temperatures, 50-70 degrees.



Image of Jasmine plant on a windowsill.

 A fragrant choice for inducing relaxation, the jasmine plant thrives in bright, indirect light, contributing to a cool, tranquil ambiance that complements your bedroom essentials. The scent of jasmine, famously used in the popular perfume, Chanel No 5, is beloved worldwide. Your jasmine likes bright, indirect light, and is best kept at a window, preferably south-facing. Be sure to prune it back after the bloom so you will get its pretty and fragrant flowers year after year. Jasmine likes a cool room and some humidity, which you can create by placing it on a tray of pebbles with a bit of water beneath them.


Concluding Tips for a Serene Bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a personalized sanctuary by carefully selecting a harmonious blend of houseplants and premium bedroom essentials. Experiment with different varieties, sizes, and placements to curate a space that not only reflects your unique taste but also promotes restful rejuvenation.


Best Pillows and Bedding at Sobel at Home

A photo of Sobel's Disney Resorts Star Wars bedding and linen collection
 The choice of plants is yours to make. With a myriad of options available, get creative and design a natural look that resonates with your style. Elevate your bedroom retreat with Sobel at Home's luxurious comfort, featuring essential bedding items like premium bed linens and pillows. Explore the online bedding and bath store for the best of hotel luxury, ensuring your oasis blends comfort and style seamlessly. Sweet dreams and ultimate relaxation await in your newly crafted bedroom retreat!
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